Meditation for pain acceptance: Koha, The gift.

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Hello my pain.

(Locate, focus, visualise, sense and hear your pain)

Thank you for being here in my life.

Thank you for showing me what I need to look at.

That I haven't had the time, energy, commitment and/or courage to look at before.

I am fully accepting of you, my pain.

And giving you the full attention that you have shown to me.

What is it that brings you here to my life.

(notice the first thing that comes to you - now say it out loud in a safe space)

I thank you my pain for being here now, in my life.

As I focus on you, my pain, and what it is you are showing me.

Now I give to you, what you give to me.

I now love, accept and thank you deeply for your gift to me.

For showing me what it is that I did not previously know.

What I was not, before now, conscious of.

I am now conscious and so I now accept, thank and love you.

(Take 3 deep breaths for 30 seconds).

I release you now, should it be your time, for I am now conscious of your gift to me.

Thank you.

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