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Chronic Illness deteriorates over time when people suppress their thoughts, wishes and intentions. This occurs for many reasons, to please other people, to conform to societal norms or to play within the rules.  Not expressing ourselves fully is the first step into the world of chronic illness and chronic pain.

Our hearts and mind and gut are all connected.  When people listen to their heart and keep the body moving, this keeps the connection going.

People are all connected and that is why we are all different. We represent all parts of the whole and that is why we cannot be the same. When we are ourselves, the whole world will be whole.

Learn the Koha meditation for pain acceptance, here.


Book in to discuss utilising ayurvedic principles for your life. By discovering your bio-type, genotype and exploring them to your whole potential, you live a life that sings.

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This website, contents, philosophy, and way of being is the disruption to health delivery. It is the way of unfolding how the human condition occurs, and the achievement of worldwide health by 2030.

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