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Living Haola

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To transform the delivery of healthcare globally.

Fulfilling the need for healthy lives on this planet.

Our world is evolving rapidly, humans leading the way. Health occurs when we are aligned and live our truth.


Haola provides the tools to support you at different stages of life.

By gaining access to multi-dimensional and multi-sensory realms of healing, you are empowered with the ability to discover the answers to your own life questions.

Find your unique key to unlocking life's secrets.


Haola combines the practice of allopathic medicine, eastern healing tradition and cutting edge epigenomics to deliver healthcare tailored to your unique human expression.


Dr Camie Wang combines over 20 years of practice in western allopathic medicine, grounded in a foundation of physiology and pharmacology.  She has extensive knowledge in eastern healing practices including Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.

She has successfully treated over 12,000 patients and believes that the future of healthcare lies in combining western medicine with eastern healing and apply this to the cutting edge epigenomic technology we are now discovering.

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