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At Haola Health we invite you to live Pono, not only around the time of your surgery or procedure, but also in your everyday life. 

In Hawaiian, the word ’Pono' reflects a concept of living, a way of being. 

Approach to Elective Surgery.

Remember, long before your date of surgery, or even before you know your date of surgery, you are able to do the following. 

1. Ensure you have a body mass index (BMI) of 20 - 30.  This allows for your body physiology to work for you, rather than against you. 

2. Drink fresh alkaline water, approximately 30 - 40ml (click to calculate) per kilogram of body weight per day. 

This allows hydration of body cells and the spaces between these cells to ensure proper functioning and allow toxins to be removed and flushed out of your physical system.

3. Eat a balanced, low inflammatory diet such that your body can function optimally and wound healing can take place quickly after your surgery. 

4. Ensure you have a balanced sleep/wake cycle such that the sleep you get each day serves its function to replenish your energy and vitality. In your waking hours, get 10 minutes of Vitamin D daily (dose of sunshine). 

5. Feeding your mental state is equally if not most important. Ask yourself: what is the reason for your surgery in the first place.

Is there something you would like to achieve?

  • Being able to engage fully and play with your children and grandchildren.

  • Continue to do what you love like playing golf or lawn bowls

  • Being in your garden

  • It can be as simple as to live with ease.

Whatever the reason why you have chosen surgery, consider placing your focus on these pleasant thoughts, rather than the pain, fear or anxiety that may come up, however frequently.

There is nothing wrong with the thoughts of pain, fear, and anxiety, especially about the unknown and uncertainty. It is however of much more value for the period of your surgery to replace the thoughts of fear with the pleasant thoughts of intention and purpose. 

Clearly this is a general guide for what you can choose to do to sail through your surgical journey.

For more details and a tailored prescription for your bio-type, please book a single or bundle consultation.

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